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"Give Thanks to the Lord"

We enter into the season of Thanksgiving; the time our thoughts focus upon the blessings we have received in our hearts, in our homes, in our church. It is very important for each of us to take the time to reflect upon the "harvest" in our lives.

We have reaped blessings of love, we have reaped blessings of health, we have reaped blessing's of God's love and mercy shown to us, often when we least deserve it.

Having reaped so many blessings, it is no wonder that we feel compelled to share this harvest with others. The opportunities for sharing are endless, to say the least. Several are even listed in this newsletter. Other opportunities are available in our homes, jobs, schools, and community.

We have the ability and the responsibility to share the blessings we have received. The first place to begin is with God. By thanking God for all that we have, we may, in turn, pray to God for guidance and God will show us the way to say "Thanks!!"

In Peace and Love,