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The month of September always seems like a time of transition. Committee and programs that took a summer siesta, seem to wake up and come alive once again. Sometimes, even people who appeared to be on summer break - from the church - reappear once again as well.

Other transitions we notice are in God's nature. The days become shorter, (light-wise), the air becomes cooler, and the leaves and vegetation begin a transformation of their own.

By the time September rolls around, school has been back in session for several weeks, and our schedules make a transition from summer mode to "normal" mode. As our individual lives make this transition, so does the Church of Jesus Christ. Most notably in the Church, this transition is marked by Rally Day (September 8), the return of the chancel choir, and more meetings and get-togethers.

I hope each of you will take a few moments and make note of the transitional changes occurring at Zion this month. Included in this newsletter are the upcoming events, programs, and announcements.

I hope and pray each of you joins in this time of transition from Summer to Fall and together, we strive to make Zion UCC the best Church of Jesus Christ that we possibly can.

In Peace and Love,