He Is Not Here!! He Has Risen!!

Greetings, Brothers and Sister in Christ:

As I write this, we are at the beginning of Holy Week. The Passion of our Lord. This week is one of highs and lows - and high again.

We experience the joy and excitement of Palm Sunday. The shouts of "Praise Him" and "Hosannas." Then we go through the lows of Maundy Thursday and the tragedy of Good Friday - only to be replaced with the exuberant high of Easter joy and resurrection.

In effect - we as a nation are experiencing these same highs and lows - as we walk through this time of uncertainty and isolation. We are feeling many emotions that may be foreign to us and we are uncertain how to process these emotions.

Christianity - by its very design - is a religion manifested by "coming together." Jesus, in his instructions to the disciples, said, "Do not forsake the coming together on the first day of the week." As Christians we want to be together - in groups - as the Body of Christ. It is totally unnatural for us to be separated by "social isolation," but that is where are find ourselves.

I commented to one church member over the phone that it seemed strange to be approaching Holy Week knowing we would not be together. She responded by saying, "we will still experience Easter, just not in person together." And she was right.

The Day of Resurrection will still be manifested in our midst. Even though Christianity is a people - corporate - religion, it is also a belief that one may practice individually. When Jesus is in our hearts - the joy of Easter walks with us each and every day and that, my friends, is a great miracle.

We may be physically separated, however we must continue to be joined together in mind and spirit.

Brothers and sisters, I pray that you keep the faith. Be not afraid!! Pray for all in need and keep yourself and loved ones safe and sound.

May God Bless each of you, Have a Happy Easter and may we look forward to coming together once again in the future.

In Peace and Love