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"For everything there is a season, and

a time for every purpose under

heaven." Ecclesiastes 3: 1

The Season of Summer has arrived on our doorsteps. Warmer days, rainy days, beautiful days, days dressed with flowers and bright smiles, all indicate that those "lazy, crazy" days of summer are here.

Often the summer season offers to us the opportunity to alter our pace of activities. Daylight is more abundant, we spend more time outdoors, we relax in the warm sunshine, we take vacation, trips to the lakes and we enjoy catching up with distant family and friends through reunions.

Likewise, the church alters its pace as well during the summer season. The meeting schedule lightens somewhat, the choirs take a much deserved break, and the Bible Study group gives their brains an opportunity to recover from the intense intellectual discussions.

There is one break that doesn't occur during the summer months, or ever, for that matter. God never takes a break from loving and caring about each of us. The love of God continues in spite of vacations, travel, slowed pace, or holidays. God faithfully pours out His love and mercy on each of us every day.

It is my hope that each of you enjoys the summer season. Have a great time on vacation. Treasure the trips to the lake or far off distant lands.

Remember also, that God goes with you as you journey. Also remember that the ministry of Zion not only continues throughout the summer, but is here for you when you return.

Your continued prayers and support of Zion are always appreciated and may God's blessing be on each of you through the summer season.

In Peace and Love,