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Springtime is such a beautiful time of the year. The freshness of the air, the blooming of the flowers, the budding of the trees.

God's Nature is truly an amazing thing. As the sun shines forth and the temperatures rise, it is no wonder that we love to be outdoors enjoying the beauty and the miracles of God's creation.

The saying,: Take time to stop and smell the roses," takes on added meaning this time of year. It is important for each of us to "smell the roses," to appreciate God's creation, and to give God thanks that we are able to enjoy the

beauty and the joy of Springtime.

God's re-creation springs forth each year, and it is no more coincidence that it occurs alongside the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Because "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof," we are gifted with the benefits of all God's creation. As we have just celebrated the foundation of our faith, we, like the earth, are springing forth into this newness with a greater appreciation of God's re-creation.

In Peace and Love,